attygen.jpgMeet our new Attorney General, Michael Mukasey -- he is qualified because he presided over "The Case of The Blind Sheik," which sounds totally awesome. It's like an Arthur Conan Doyle story! Anyway he's a 9/11 hero and hey, the Democrats will confirm him, so Bush is on tv right now looking totally pissy because he didn't get to nominate Ted Olson like he wanted to. So Bush has now given up talking about Mukasey and is just talking about how much he loves Alberto Gonzales, "dear friend and trusted adviser." He's gonna miss Al. Quick little intro there! To recap:

* Mike brought his sister Rhoda, and his brother-in-law Norm.

* Mike is deeply honored -- and short!

* He will serve with "unswerving fidelity to the US Constitution." Which is good 'cause the last couple guys could not stay in one lane.

* Fredo called him to give his support! According to Mike, anyway, Al probably doesn't recall.

* 9/11 9/11 9/11 challenges challenges 'foreign adversaries' 9/11 'fanatical enemies' 9/11!


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