Meet Our Failing Economy!

  • Congratulations, America! More experts than ever agree we have entered a recession. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Top policymakers unveiled a "plan" to prevent the credit-market meltdown that happened, uh, last year. [Washington Post]
  • In related economic news, America's newest booming profession: debt collection. [New York Times]
  • Did Governor Eliot Spitzer use campaign funds for his sexy sex trysts, or was he self-funded? [New York Times]
  • President Bush himself intervened to weaken EPA ozone rules. [Washington Post]
  • South by Southwest officials are trying to curb an explosion of free unaffiliated parties during the event, calling them "undemocratic." [Wall Street Journal]
  • Barack Obama tries a novel approach to Pennsylvania's closed Democratic primary: Because only registered Democrats can vote in it, he's trying to get more independents and Republicans to register as Democrats. Crazy enough to work? [Politico]
  • The National Republican Congressional Committee said it had mountains of cash on hand, but that was before it knew its former Treasurer had stolen nearly three-quarters of a million dollars from them. [The Hill]
  • Conservatives who used to hate Hillary Clinton now find her much more palatable, at least in comparison to that elitist Barack Obama. [New York Observer]

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