Meet Reverend Nutball, Who Thinks Obama Is A Pimp With White Hookers

This is just what Jesus wanted for usHave you heard of "ATLAH"? No? Then maybe you aren't a crazy Jesus preacher who decided this nonsense word was spoken unto him by, uh, the Almighty, because God pronounces "Harlem" as, uh, a completely different nonsense word. Meet the Honorable Reverend Doctor James David Manning, PhD, who also says "negro" a lot and calls our new president Barack Obama a "pimp" and a "Mac Daddy." Let's watch his crazy YouTubes together!

Did you watch all nine minutes? If so, how do you like being unemployed? Is this how you generally spend your time?

We only watched the part about Obama Girl and her massive breasts which are the result of Barack Obama being a pimp. Let's not ever spoil the fun and tell the Reverend that Obama Girl is just some YouTube bullshit somebody put on the Internets, sort of like this crazy Reverend posts his lunatic bullshit on the Internets.

Also, did you know that Obama is only supported by gay black men who use cell phones and impregnate black sisters who then have bastard children. Why won't Barack Obama ask his gay cell-phone-using black supporters about why they won't marry the mammas of their babies? WHY, BARACK?

Listen, Barack Obama is not a black man! He is White Trash! Go vote for Alan Keyes if you want a Black Man!

Jesus fucking christ this guy needs to be the GOP nominee. Or maybe he just needs to repent:


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