Meet Robert M. Gates, Iran-Contra Crook and Bush 41 CIA Chief

How twisted is this country? An Iran-Contra crook and ex-CIA chief is immediately greeted as a sane, grown-up yet "fresh" replacement for the delusional old Donald Rumsfeld.

Even more fun, Gates' nemesis Daniel Ortega was elected president of Nicaragua on Monday. You may remember Ortega as the Sandinista leader who fought off the Contras in a long bloody "civil war" in large part engineered by ... Oliver North, William Casey and deputy CIA director Robert M. Gates, among others. North, a convicted felon and official fall guy for Iran-Contra, was in Nicaragua last weekcampaigning against Ortega.

History doesn't just repeat itself; it repeats itself with the same exact people.

Gatesgate - Robert M. Gates, nominee to head CIA [National Review]


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