Meet The (Alleged) Preteen-Loving Pastor Of The Church That Awarded WND For 'Trustworthy' (Alleged) Journalism

Meet The (Alleged) Preteen-Loving Pastor Of The Church That Awarded WND For 'Trustworthy' (Alleged) Journalism

So yesterday Your Wonkette had an amusing little story about how the loons at WorldNetDaily won a prestigious award for their journamalism, given by some fellow loons at "The Discerning Times," a Christianist newspaper and website in Enumclaw, Washington. Shortly after the story went up, we received a note on the Wonkette Tipline (thanks, Anonymous!), pointing out that Discerning Times is published by the Sound Doctrine Church of Enumclaw. The church appears to have a bit of a discernment problem itself, as its assistant pastor, Malcolm Fraser (no relation to the former Australian Prime Minister), was charged in March 2012 with raping a ten-year-old girl some 20 times during 2005-2006. The Discerning Times, which only began publishing in August 2012, has devoted a good deal of its content to proclaiming Fraser's innocence and insisting that the charges are part of a smear campaign "by hostile ex-church members."

You will be astonished, dear readers, to learn that WorldNetDaily prominently featured a story about the case in December, suggesting that Fraser is merely the victim of "anti-Christian bias." Then three weeks later it won that major award for being a trustworthy news source! In fact, the editor of Discerning Times "actually considered placing WorldNetDaily at the top of the list" because it's so awesomely excellent and trustworthy and devoted to the truth.

Fraser, who is set to go to trial on January 16, is accused of molesting a girl whose family he lived with from 2005 to 2006:

The victim alleges Fraser visited her room more than 20 times, after midnight, and touched her in an inappropriate manner. Fraser “would cover her mouth so she would keep quiet and not yell,” according to the report. The victim said she attempted to fight, but Fraser would threaten to hurt the child or her mother. The victim said Fraser informed her she would go to hell if she told anyone what was occurring.

For its part, The Discerning Times certainly is a crusading little publication, with an entire "special edition" devoted to the topic of "Endangered Justice" and an editorial explaining that rape victims are often notorious liars who are manipulated into making false accusations by unscrupulous prosecutors:

The minute an accusation occurs, a wall of protective authority and attention surrounds the accuser. The “victim” receives no genuine concern because the main question is whether they have a winning case. The truth? Nobody cares about that. Actual investigation, analysis, interviews, and critical thinking by which to discover the truth are treated like minor inconveniences....

The details of the accuser’s life are made unconstitutionally off limits, providing an unjust feeling of power and invulnerability. The accuser is pampered, protected, and prodded to move in the direction the Prosecution wants. In the vast majority of cases, that means the accused will be “forced” to cop an easy plea in order to avoid a trial.

Yeah! Why are the courts so intent on protecting the now-17-year-old girl that Fraser is accused of molesting when she was 10? There are probably some pretty damning details to be found out about her! The editorial carefully explains where the real scandal lies:

in the State of Washington, the Prosecutor’s Office refuses -- yes, refuses -- to punish anyone who lies and makes a false charge of a sexual crime.

Once truth is no longer the point any lie becomes the point. What good parent in their right mind would teach, promote or allow their children to be immune from lying?

It's like the old proverb says: Where an alleged kiddy-fiddling preacher is not free, there no one is free.

As for that award-winning WND story alleging that the case may be more about "anti-Christian bias," that bit stems from the fact that one of the detectives in the case, a different flavor of Christianist, sent an email stating that he believed that Sound Doctrine church was "completely without the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ...The fruit exhibited by Malcolm’s group is evil and twisted.” Somehow, two different Believers fighting over who their imaginary friend likes best now constitutes "anti-Christian bias."

Oh, and yes, we are now aware, thanks to several alert readers in yesterday's comments, of Enumclaw's other claim to fame: It's where a guy using the pseudonym "Mr. Hands" liked to make videos of himself having the sexytime with horses, until he died from injuries resulting from being buttsexed by a stallion. (Authorities reported that no injury was apparent to any of the horses in the videos, but...ick.) Sort of takes "suffering for your art" to a whole new level.

In short: Enumclaw, Washington, what the fuck?

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