Meet the Cryptokids!

Around these parts, the interwebs are frequently the inspiration for and the dissemination point of all of our mockery. One of the wonderful things the web has done is prompt the advent of government websites -- every agency seems to have one, and their content is usually a lovely sort of unintended comedy. Highlighting this is sometimes something that takes a little work, sometimes something that's ridiculously easy.

And then, every so often, a government agency will put something up on their website that's so surreally hilarious, it blows our minds. When tipster Glenn May pointed us in the direction of the National Security Agency's "For Kids" content, we salivated at the thought at what we might find. But we had. No. Idea.

Folks: They've got cartoon characters.

Anthropomorphic code-crackin' woodland creatures.

Meet the entire Cryptokids gang after the jump.


Crypto Cat

Brief Bio: Parents were schoolteachers on Navajo reservation. Was taught the Navajo language by some old woman. In turn--get this!--he himself taught his native American classmates how to speak it! Way to go, paleface! "We did such a good job with our new codes that our teachers couldn


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