Meet The Press Is About To Get So Much Worse; You Need This Coffee Mug More Than Ever


Do you need yet one more reason to ignore NBC's "Meet the Press" because you can't get enough of John McCain and the weekly parade of the same old white dudes saying the same old white dude things? What the heck is wrong with you? FINE, be that way. Have one more reason. Heck, have two, courtesy of the New York Post's Page Six:

NBC is bringing in Luke Russert, son of the late beloved “Meet the Press” host Tim Russert, as a regular panelist on the Sunday morning show in a bid to turn around its catastrophic ratings slide, Page Six has exclusively learned.

Also joining new moderator Chuck Todd’s team will be former Republican congressman and “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough[.]

You may recall laughing your buttocks off at a not-so-long-ago report that NBC had called in A Expert -- a psychological one! -- to ask friends and family of David Gregory why he sucked so hard. When no one could crack that mystery, NBC gave him $4 million to go away quietly and promoted Much More Serious Journalist (sorry, must pause to laugh) Chuck Todd. Yes, this Chuck Todd, who is bad at talking to humans. Thankfully, "Meet the Press" rarely has any of those on its show, so he should be fine.

Honestly, our sides are already split from laughing so hard, but it would be irresponsible of us not to share this delightfully delusional assessment, per Page Six, of just why America needs even more Joe Scarborough.

We’re told the move is part of a plan to bring a right-leaning voice to the program to appeal to viewers turned off by the show’s famously left-leaning former hosts including the ousted David Gregory.

We assume the phrase "famously left-leaning" refers to David Gregory physically and not politically.

Now buy this wonderful SHUT THE F*CK UP LUKE RUSSERT mug, yours for only some money, while supplies last. If it's Sunday, you're going to need it.

[Page Six]


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