The Value Voters Summiteers held a presidential straw poll as part of their weekend activities, and the gold medalist in both the presidential and vice-presidential categories was Indiana Congressman Mike Pence.People were surprised! And not just because the contender pool included Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and other famous wingnut celebrities, but because who in the hell is Mike Pence?

He's not a wallflower -- he is the House GOP Conference Chair, and speaks at 912 rallies and such -- but he hasn't really captivated the nation in the same manner as, say, folksy-fatty Mike Huckabee, or our new witchy friend. Having less charisma than a cardboard moving box might be one reason, but there could be others.

Some fun-facts about our next president of VALUES:

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins thinks Pence plus Sarah Palin as the vice-presidential candidate would be a "dream ticket." Having learned some things about Pence, and knowing many things now about Palin, would you agree or disagree? [Huffington Post/Washington Post/ABC News]


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