Meet the White House Easter Bunny


What We've Learned:

* While there were two Easter Bunnies walking around the White House Easter Egg Roll, only one was the Easter Bunny. The other was the Vice Easter Bunny, who was really running the Egg Roll.

* The "puppet president" Easter Bunny was played by 30-year-old Eugene J. Huang of Beverly Hills, pictured above. He's a White House fellow focusing on "macroeconomic policy and technology, competitiveness and innovation."

* According to our Wonkette Operative, Huang "has no sense of humor" and was given the humiliating duty as a punishment.

More hilarious furry pictures, after the hop hop hop (jump).


Don't be so down, Eugene! It's better than what they did to Michael Brown and Scooter Libby and Donald Rumsfeld and Monica Goodling and Porter Goss and George Tenet and Andrew Card and Colin Powell and everybody else who got kicked out the door on their ass!


"Are you sure Cheney's out of town? I feel like I've got a bullseye on my face."


"Come on, my furry friend ... let's go back to the Oval Office and fuck."

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