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We've got some very, very bad tabs for you this morning. Buckle in.

HORRIFIC SADNESS TRIGGER WARNING: Summer Taylor, 24, was killed this weekend in Seattle while protesting that Black Lives Matter. The driver went the wrong way up an offramp to the closed freeway. Don't google the video, please. Summer's father, from what we can tell, is one of our community. I am so sorry. (Heavy)

You must read this: "I can't stop thinking about the beauty of Elijah McClain and the banal evil of the cops who killed him." — Will Bunch at the Inquirer

CDC expert warns we have way too much coronavirus to contain it. — Axios

Yeeeeeah, it's airborne. (LA Times)

White House declares flawless defeat on coronavirus: "Live with it." (NBC News)

How California's coronavirus plan went wrong. — The Guardian

Robin Givhan writes up the president's crazytown Mount Rushmore Third of July. — Washington Post

Oh fuck YOU. The first song they played at Trump's Mount Rushmore Fireworks and Fuck the Natives Hullaballoo was George Custer's official marching tune.

At dawn on November 27 Custer's troops — 700 men — played Garryowen as they launched a devastating attack on the village of about 250 men, women, and children.

The village was destroyed. Around 50 persons, mostly women, children, and elderly, were killed. Pregnant women were cut open, their babies left to die on the frozen ground. Many more were wounded. Another 53 — women and children — were captured and used as human shields (deliberately positioned on horseback throughout Custer's troops) to keep the regiment safe as they marched on to the next fort.

The body of a Cheyenne child killed in the massacre eventually wound up displayed in a local history museum in Cheyenne, Oklahoma.

More horrifying details here. (Medium)

Interesting story about a Black police chief in North Charleston, SC, where Walter Scott was shot in the back by a police officer (in such an egregious shooting the cop actually got convicted, if you can even believe that), trying to build bridges between the mostly white force and the community. (Wall Street Journal)

Sound on:

Forty thousand unemployment calls a week in Colorado go unanswered. (Denver Post)

European workers draw a paycheck. American workers scrounge for food. (New York Times)

"Traumatic License: An Oral History of Action Park Water Park." "Ride at your own risk" taken to the illogical limits at "Class Action Park." — Old amazing tab from Mental Floss

9 Things Republicans Trashed Obama for but Are Fine With Under Trump. They forgot "wore clothes." — American Independent

Here is an unreadably long list of people the St. Louis Mansioneers have sued, including their family a lot. (Madison Record)

What an incredibly odd thing for a university lecturer/former Wisconsin National Guard member to say about US Army soldier Vanessa Guillen's murder, that if you're going to be a "snowflake" about sexual harrassment in the military you'll "pay the price." Jesus, lady. — Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

What does it take to make a gallon of milk? Ask a dairy farmer! (Denver Post)

The positivity gardening man of Tik-Tok. — LA Times

A few true and or false gardening wives tales. (Denver Post)

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