Meet This Nice GOP Pennsylvania Mayor Who Tried To Rape A Young Man At Gunpoint


Well, we tried to bring you the story of a Democratic mayor whofalse-imprisoned a dude to make him do sex at him, and then fired one of his THREE guns into a wall or a bunch of newspapers or something, The Paper-styley. We tried to do this, since we got our tip from some pro-gun people who were kvelling that this mayor had signed onto Bloomberg's no-guns thingie, so, obviously gay Dem LIEBRUL. But it turns out dude mayor is a Republican.

Oh well. We guess we will still have to hear more.

Authorities allege that late on the evening of Feb. 21, [Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania Mayor James] Schiliro contacted the young man by text message and had a Marcus Hook police officer deliver him to his borough home. There, with Schiliro’s 13-year-old daughter sleeping upstairs, the mayor allegedly gave the young man alcohol and produced three firearms, one of which was fired into papers inside the house.

During the encounter, the mayor repeatedly asked the young man if he could give him oral sex, according to court documents. Schiliro is not charged with any sex-related offenses.

Really? Firing your guns around while "asking" for sex isn't like at least attempted rape? Or attempted rape by terror? (If there isn't a law about rape by terror, there really should be.)

Anyway, the pro-gun folks who sent us this tip should probably know that it doesn't reflect the way they think it does. Like, the fact that someone who is nominally AGAINST guns can still get all crazy fucked up and try to rape a young man at gunpoint does not make us think more people should have guns.

Logic Math science of words, how does it work?


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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