Meet Valleywag

valleywag.gifBecause there is neither a major American city (besides all the ones in the middle) nor an industry (besides the ones that don't have ungodly amounts of money flying around) safe from Gawker Media's tentacles, today we are obliged to introduce you to Valleywag (geddit?), a "tech gossip rag" that'll do its darndest to make Silicon Valley a little trashier.

Valleywag's helmed by zeitgeist-tapping former Blogebrity editor Nick Douglas, who, we're told, is missing out on this thing called "college" to blog about a city he just moved to. Curious, that. But Denton likes 'em young.

So check out the 'wag -- because famous-for-the-tech-industry types are just as beautiful in their own way as famous-for-DC types.



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