Cruisy! - WonketteEventually, we'll be reduced to writing items about the few Republicans on the Hill who haven't been arrested in a public bathroom for trying to have sex with an undercover cop dude, but for now let's continue our long Endless Cummer -- which is officially endless on this Day After Labor Day, from which point you should not be arrested in a bathroom while wearing white.

Beloved and now-dead Mississippi arch-conservative Republican Congressman Jon Hinson was such a favorite with white wingnuts that he won re-election in 1980 even after admitting he was arrested for "committing an obscene act" in a Virginia gay bar in 1976 and had escaped a burning porno theater (the Cinema Follies) showing homosexual movies in 1977. The blaze killed nine people.

The married Hinson, of course, denied he was gay.

Just months after this stunning election victory, Hinson was arrested in a public bathroom "on charges of attempted oral sodomy." And the real bonus? His "cruisy toilet" was in a House office building -- the Longworth, in fact.

Hinson resigned in April 1981.

But he eventually redeemed his hypocrite ways by admitting he was homosexual and organizing a gay political group in Fairfax while also campaigning against the military's gay ban.

AIDS killed him in 1995.

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