Meet Your Guest Editor

Good morning Wonketteers. I am Jason, dba The DCeiver, recently spotted guest hosting for Rachel Sklar at The Huffington Post. Your regular editor and good buddy Ken Layne is off receiving some sort of four-day long, butterscotch colonic. So I'll be filling in for him on these pages today and next Monday.

These are, indeed, heady days at Wonkette. For starters, we have an untold number of shitheels running for President--they are maybe the worst collection of people to ever vie for the position (though something awfully stank must have sent the nation running back to Grover Cleveland!). If we could somehow get Gephardt to run, I'd probably strip to my drawers and run down K Street screaming "Yahtzee!" And that wouldn't be good for anyone.

But the especial promise of today and Monday is that, who knows? Maybe today will be the day Gonzo or Wolfie--my nominees for "Worst American Ever"--finally goes down. Those prospects are dimming, but there's no reason we can't spend the day jumping up and down on their heads like they were a pair of meat pogo sticks.

So, tipsters, pop us your ill-informed rumors. Because I, too, do not have a "high minded opinion" on gossip, but, unlike Eric Alterman, I don't walk around with my tits out expecting someone to pin a medal on them.


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