In retrospect, not so bad! - WonketteCan "bringing dignity back to the White House" and "First Lady Bill Clinton" really coexist in the current space-time continuum? Scientists increasingly say "Oh sure," although they warn that Americans may be weirded out by the whole situation -- which, they add, is still a whole hell of a lot better than being reduced to smoking radioactive ruins, which is pretty much America's fate should things keep going like they're going.

In an ABC News interview, Bill says he wouldn't mind doing some of the traditional first lady stuff, especially the "visiting women's colleges" and "promoting literacy for cheerleaders" events.

He said he would "not get underfoot too much" at the White House.

Ha ha, Bill's already setting things up so nobody expects him to be hanging around the White House like some old married guy. Indeed, he tells ABC, "I think that I could do a lot of double time."

Bill Clinton as First Gentleman? [ABC News]


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