Meet Your Newest Violent Birther Cabal: New Hampshire Legislators


Here we have always assumed that Orly Taitz was some kind of comic relief goober invented by the universe to break up droll news cycles, but apparently some people still somehow take her seriously! Not real people of course, just a screamy handful of Republican state legislators in New Hampshire, this time, who got so red-faced worked up hollering angry old people words like "TREASON" over and over during a recent/inexplicable public hearing of her aging, withered fantasies that they managed to scare members of the state's election commission into locking themselves into a room after they unanimously refused to remove Barack Obama's name from the ballot. Creepy video after the jump!

Why are these people so insane?

Lighten up, violent birther nuts! You are supposed to laugh at the Orly Taitz clown show. When did clowns all of a sudden start making people so sad all the time? That's what "politics" is for! [Right Wing Watch]


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