Meg 'eBay' Whitman Loses 50-Point Lead, Would Not Do Business With Again

  • For unknown reasons, former tech executive Meg Whitman decided she wanted to be the Republican candidate for governor, in California. Whitman has already spent $68 million of her fortune on this campaign, and now her 50-point lead in the polls is down to 9 percent. That is a pretty terrible return on her investment! Plus, California already has a Republican governor, the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he is very unpopular. Any governor would be unpopular in California right now, because the Golden State is actually collapsing -- not from earthquakes or fires or the other usual/frequent/constant natural disasters, but because of imbeciles three decades ago who intentionally destroyed California's ability to pay for California. No money! Nobody has money but Meg Whitman, and she's spending it all on teevee commercials to make sure she doesn't even win the Republican primary! Terrible transaction, product crappy, very unsatisfied, F-, bad seller!!!! [Mercury News/SF Gate]
  • Asia stocks dropped, again, and the Euro dropped again, and American markets tanked again yesterday, and we're just repeating this duck call of horror because you might be trying to act like the whole world economy isn't going down the toilet again. And South Korea says North Korea blew up one of its ships and killed 46 of its sailors. And Thailand's pretty much headed towards Full Civil War. [Bloomberg/New York Times/BBC News]
  • Your Wonkette loves Rachel Maddow, and we are not exactly supporters of the Ron/Rand Paul Movement. But the new GOP candidate for US Senate from Kentucky, Young Dr. Paul, did not exactly get "savaged" or "slammed" on Maddow's show last night on the subject of racism/civil rights. It seemed, to us, that he stretched his small-government credentials to the snapping point by repeatedly expressing his support for the Civil Rights Act and desegregation and federal involvement in stopping institutional racism. Many of you good people sent us emails Wednesday night saying Maddow had demolished Rand Paul, etc., but we didn't see that. She was firm, she asked smart and reasonable questions, and while he might have danced around the federal/state thing, we did not hear a word that implied Rand Paul was racist or that he supported any racist policies, public or private. SORRY FOR BEING SERIOUS, etc. [Rachel Maddow/YouTube]

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