Meghan McCain And Bill Maher Refuse To Let Willow Palin And David Letterman Drive Another News Cycle

Meghan McCain And Bill Maher Refuse To Let Willow Palin And David Letterman Drive Another News Cycle

Histrionic personality disorder heiress Meghan McCain joined Bill Maher and Friends onthe Bill Maher comedy program last night. First Daughter, First Love remains mercifully unghostwritten as of yet, so why is beautiful young Meg McCabe such a commanding presence on America's teevee programs and digital news traditions as of late? Verily, a mystery! The Bill Maher comedy show doesn't know either, as evidenced by the producers' exquisitely accurate description of our gal's qualifications, pictured above. Dumb Matt Yglesias must be "in" with the HBO web interns!

So your Meg appears towards the end of the panel. Ahh she is so nervous, she says, because she gets to hang out with "all these world-renowned people", referring to famed humans Joel Stein, Kitty Kay, and for-hire Chris Kattan impersonator Paul Begala. But it turns out that actually Joel Stein's wife just had a baby, so naturally he has begun sleeping with Meghan, on Twitter.

So off we go, talking about, what else, that time David Letterman offered a million dollars to the first member of the Yankees baseball team to take the virginities of all the as-yet-undeflowered Palins but only if done in reverse alphabetic order. As it turns out, Meghan was just named the Harvey C. Mansfield Professor of First Daughters and First Loves at the Kennedy School of Government—and is also, as she points out every other clause, "a daughter"—so she is eminently qualified to talk about the nature of comedy writing.

Anyway, then for basically no reason M.M. starts going off about America's Madonna/Whore complex. Par exemple, when she announced, for again basically no reason, that she wasn't a virgin, the homogeneous cohesive entity of Politics was all like, "WTF. Uh, skank." (Visual NB: camera pans to groundbreaking Twitter pornographer Joel Stein at this exact moment.) Bill Maher has perfected the art of vocalizing the linguistic equivalents of putting his hand on Meghan's knee under the table.

Oh and then at one point, Meghan and Chris Kattan start arguing whether the French Revolution happened before Meghan was born, which, as Joel Stein will have you know, is totally before June 20, 1991, at least. "Well you just know everything!" Meg McCabe yells at Kattan, meaninglessly.

It pretty much goes without saying, but this entire episode is worth watching, if only to catch Joel Stein at the end defending the media's coverage of the Euna Lee and Laura Ling incident by noting, "We love Asian women in this country! We love them in our pornography." Jesus, why isn't Meg just enough for you, Joel? Was she ever? And will she ever be?

[Clips of last night's Bill Maher comedy program]


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