Meghan McCain Suffers 'Unforeseen Professional Responsibilities'


What's our favorite poor little rich girl/Nobel Prize For Literature winner Meghan McCain up to these days? Mostly just making anOlive Garden franchise go broke on those "bottomless bread stix" baskets and otherwise promoting her Booker Prize-winning novel about a dysfunctional family living off a pill-zombie's beer fortune ... unless, of course, she's not doing those things, because of "several unforeseen professional responsibilities," such as fucking off to Las Vegas with her dumb friends while leaving two or three of her The View fans crying in an empty auditorium at some college nobody's ever heard of, somewhere.

According to the "Juniata College" website, Megs was supposed to speak there last night, at this college in Pennsylvania, but she canceled due to "several unforeseen professional responsibilities."

HUNTINGDON, Pa. -- Meghan McCain, currently on a speaking tour to promote her new book, "Dirty Sexy Politics," and scheduled to speak at Juniata College Sept. 23, has canceled her lecture, according to her publicist, due to "several unforeseen professional responsibilities."

The lecture, which had been scheduled at 7:30 p.m. at Rosenberger Auditorium on the Juniata Campus, is currently being rescheduled, if the college and McCain can find an open date.

This was literally the event of the year at this college -- like the Halloween Ball and Homecoming and Graduation combined -- and she simply walked away, or flew away on airplane, we imagine, so she could ... twitter a bunch of idiot nonsense about the staff at the MGM in Vegas not kissing her ass enough. Don't they know who she is?!?!

"I never do this." Of course you don't, Meghan. Treating the servant class with dignity, that's just not the kind of thing Arizona new money does. Anyway DO NOT BOOK MEGHAN McCAIN for your event or child's birthday party or whatever. She'll just blow you off for Las Vegas, and there's also a chance John McCain will somehow hear about this, on his Blackberry, and then he'll crash another plane, but this time into your house. [Chronicle of Higher Education]


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