Meghan McCain Now Just Recycling Three-Month-Old Wonkette Posts

Meghan McCain Now Just Recycling Three-Month-Old Wonkette Posts

Tina Brown's Internet Tendency,Cthulhu du Jour, continues to pay Meghan McCain a few dollars to write what is starting to sound like some fading newspaper's "youth columnist." It is dismal. And today, it's just some used-up "Whoa Karl Rove is on Twitter" waste product, which even your Wonkette got tired of back in January, when George W. Bush was still president.

Meghan, better known as the beautiful young protagonist "Meg McCabe" in Meghan's upcoming unwritten first novel, First Daughter, First Love, exists on the media landscape for one reason and one reason only: She is the daughter of the failed GOP candidate for president last year, John McCain. So, it's painful to watch Meg try to act troubled by the fact that her father's colleagues -- old Republican political operatives -- are "following" her on "Twitter."

Terrible, right? But there is one bit of comedy in her otherwise "Oh jeez Tina do I really have to turn in another bloggy thing?" essay of the now: She claims, hilariously, that John McCain actually writes that illiterate dipshit wingnut prattle on his own "Twitter."

By contrast, my Dad—another new Twitter user—is making a real effort to use it effectively and not just pander. For one thing, it’s really him Tweeting. How could it not be given his sense of humor and constant shout-outs to Arizona sports teams? (In fairness to him, I’d initially assumed he had an assistant writing for him. But when I flat-out asked him, he was almost offended I’d suggested he wasn’t being as real as I am.) Second, my dad prides himself on making his updates more than just, “Watch me on Fox News tonight at 7.” And he’s always amused by the attitude I show in my updates—like father, like daughter.

Or more like, First Daughter, First Love.

Karl Rove, Twitter Creep [Daily Beast]


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