Meghan McCain Will Take That Misdirected Concern And Attention Now


Just FYI, despite the inaccuracies of the trust Your Facebook Inbox Newswire, Meghan McCain was not mugged and knifed last night—no backwards "M" was carved!

The "bottom of this" was very quickly reached when old Megsy remembered that she didn't even have a public Facebook.

In other words, someone "hacked"—password guess: the word "asterisks"—into her private Facebook account, an account that the billions of Twitter people could not possibly have even known about, and sent lying messages they could not possibly have ever received. They must have been doubly or triply worried, somehow, about the events they didn't know about. In the future, just do not believe anything about Meghan McCain that did not come directly from Meghan McCain, via this Twitter, or via a compliment from a third-party. Compliments and Twitter only. Anyway Meghan's fine you guys!!

[McCain Blogette]


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