Meghan McCain's 'Perverse Side' Also Has Election Predictions

Meghan McCain's 'Perverse Side' Also Has Election Predictions

Sure, we've alreadycaught up with Basil Marceaux to get his election predictions, but what about America's second-best pundit, The Daily Beast's Senior Political Analyst Meghan McCain? It turns out she also knows how things will turn out tonight. So who will win? Republicans mostly, and also mostly moderate, so-called (by nobody) "Meghan McCain Republicans," like Charlie Crist and Lisa Murkowski. Oh, and that latter upset will finally let Meg wrest away the title she deserves: "Alaska is fascinating because it will either confirm or deny Sarah Palin’s reign as kingmaker." The queen is dead! Long live Queen Meghan! Meghan also admits she has a "perverse side" that makes her do gross stuff like decide Christine O’Donnell will win. Eww!

In an even larger twist of irony, the president will be spending his time tomorrow speaking with Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer Ryan Seacrest. It’s obvious that his administration still thinks he is just a rock star and can somehow get by continuing to act as such.

Ooh, Meg totally slammed that Ryan Seacrest! She is totally on target with that whole "rock star" thing. Hey Obama administration, you haven't passed any legislation the past two years! Time to stop pretending Obama is Raffi! He needs to do something presidential one of these days.

Get your popcorn ready for tomorrow night, there will probably be more than a few upsets and memorable YouTube moments. Tomorrow night is the Super Bowl

Whoops! No, it's not, Meghan. It's a night of election returns, not a football game. Close, though, close!

Charlie Crist, an independent beating Marco Rubio, throwing a wrench in the Tea Party and extreme right winners of the night. I think what will be more interesting than his likely win is how exactly the Republican purists and the rest of Washington will treat him. It is a lonely place for independents in Washington and groupthink rules the roost, sentiment seems to be particularly harsh against former Republicans. Just ask Jesse Ventura or Joe Lieberman.

Yeah, very likely win there. Charlie Crist should definitely consult Jesse Ventura about Washington being a lonely place for independents because Jesse Ventura never held office in Washington. And he should ask Joe Lieberman about the unique challenge of being a former Republican because Joe Lieberman is a former Democrat.

Oh, and Sharron Angle will also "govern as a senator." That's cool that Obama will let her have some of his executive power.

Any other dumb predictions, Meg? Perhaps you'd like to pick Alvin Greene? Or a sweeping nationwide victory for the Partito Nazionale Fascista?

In the tight and hugely expensive California race, I predict a win for the former CEO of eBay. I actually see Meg Whitman as one of the next great Republican leaders. Her wealth and small campaign gaffes have strayed the focus of this woman’s success but I see her winning tomorrow and then becoming a strong and effective national leader.

That works too! Be sure to print out a scorecard of Meg's picks so you can check off each correct prediction as they come through tonight. [Daily Beast]


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