Meghan McCain's Twitter's Daily Beast Exposé About Michael Steele Is Impossibly Scoop-Laden


"Arizona's Sy Hersh" Meghan McCain has uncovered secret publicly available newspaper articles, YouTube videos and blog posts indicating without a doubt that Michael Steele purposely sought to win his current chairmanship of the RNC. This proves intent! Which has all sorts of corollary sub-meaning, contextually. For example: did you know it is the definition of "indecisive" to be more excited about a job upon first being hired than after working there for a year?

Follow the money, Deep Throat, etc.!

What is going on with Michael Steele?  In the last year, the Republican National Committee chairman has become one of the most confusing and controversial figures in politics. Last week brought yet another example of his troubles representing the party: an outburst during an interview in which he said his critics should “fire him or shut up.” It was alarmingly immature coming from someone who is supposed to be a leader.

Steele also protested recently that he “didn’t ask for and didn’t seek” the job of RNC chairman.

Unfortunately for him, there are those records of him attending the RNC election last January, not to mention videos announcing his candidacy where he states, “I want the gig. I’m ready, I’m ready to lead this party.

[blah blah blah some bullshit]

Has Michael Steele made mistakes and questionable decisions? Yes. But he deserves more time before we jump so quickly. Michael Steele should know that the clock is ticking, but we’re in no hurry to see that time run out."

That's right! The clock is ticking at its regularly scheduled pace, Michael Steele, so hurry, or don't, or whatever.

[The Daily Beast]


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