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Oh rats, we discovered unemployed blogger Meghan McCain's YouTube channel and were all set to post "A Children's Treasury of Comical Meghan McCain YouTube Videos," but they are all SO BORING. Half of them are about visiting deformed people in third-world countries. Who cares about those people! (At least they have excuses for being unemployed, btw.) Here's the only decent one, and it's five months old. It documents the famous Sedona barbecue the McCains held for their journalist friends back in March.

Probably the best image in this video is that of the hammered journalist goin' nuts on the tire swing, but not so nuts that she'd spill any precious champagne from her glass.


  • Meghan: "It was just really funny to see sort of like the juxtaposition of the D.C. reporters at my cabin in Sedona."
  • Meghan: "Having the press corps meet longtime friends like Fred... who also helps cook whenever we have big events at our cabin or our house but he's like a therapist to me sometimes as well."
  • Cindy, drunk and slurring: "This is muuuuch better than Washington D.C., isn't it. I think."
  • HA HA, Meghan says "the guys from the Politico" brought Cindy flowers. Those Politico boys, such Casanovas! It was probably Jonathan Martin, who, according to Meghan, was also helping John McCain grill his ribs. Is Jonathan Martin having a sex affair with Cindy McCain? Because that would be soooo... journalistically unethical. Really unprofessional.
  • Meghan: "I think if there is one common denominator of all women it's that they love road trips."
  • After the barbecue they stopped at Taco Bell. Or maybe it was before the barbecue. The first scenario is funnier though, because there was just like so much food at that barbecue ya know.

Sedona Surprises [YouTube]


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