Megyn Kelly Thinks Only Reason People Think She's Racist Is Because She's White

Post-Racial America
Megyn Kelly Thinks Only Reason People Think She's Racist Is Because She's White

In an appearance this on Sinclair's "America This Week," host Eric Bolling had a chat with Megyn Kelly about how goshdarn rude it is of Joe Biden to be doing calls for unity after the Left has spent the last several years being so mean to Trump supporters and acting as if supporting a racist, misogynistic president means that they, too, are racist and misogynistic. Like you can't just, you know, enjoy seeing a man claim a female journalist has "blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out her wherever" without that being a "misogyny" thing? How is that fair?

Via Raw Story:

"All of the sudden they want unity on the left when they've spent the last four years calling everyone who's a Trump supporter misogynists or homophobic or xenophobic or bigoted or the list goes on and on," Bolling prompted.

"I also want all the kittens and all the puppies to be adopted and world peace, but it's not going to happen," Kelly opined. "The country is very divided. Yes, in part, because of what President Trump has done over the last four years but also because of what the Democrats have said and done over the last four years."

"Let's get real. When you tell 71 million Americans they're racists, bigots, homophobes, transphobes and sexists year after year, you're going to make enemies lists of anybody who supported Trump, they're not really feeling unified with you," she said.


What if the issue was not so much calling people "racists, bigots, homophobes, transphobes and sexists" but actually people being all of those things? Does she think this went unprompted? Like they said "Pass the salt" and we responded by calling them bigots? They said "I like your shoes" and we responded "transphobe"? Is that what she and Eric Bolling believe occurred here? Because it seems like they said a whole lot of horrible things about people and also voted for someone who said a whole lot of horrible things about people. Enthusiastically. Because he said and did all of those horrible things and that was what they found appealing about him.

Kelly, who once pitched a fit insisting that Santa Claus could only ever be white and has defended blackface Halloween costumes, then proclaimed that the only thing she could do to not be called a white supremacist would be to be less white. Or to avoid pitching a fit over the racial identity of a fictional character or defending doing blackface on Halloween.

"The only thing you can try to do is be less white," she complained. "So that's who you are dealing with. You cannot listen to these people call names anymore. I think the average Americans get very jarred when they hear these nasty terms, which are meant to silence you."

Kelly argued that the "only real choice you have is to stand up not be silenced and not think you have to unify with the people who have been calling you the awful thing and trying to shut you up."

Well, yes. If someone is saying things like "For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white, but this person is just arguing that maybe we should also have a Black Santa" about things, perhaps they should shut up. For their own good as well as ours, because it's just an incredibly stupid thing to say. Also, it's super racist. Even Jan Brewer could not even with Megyn Kelly saying Santa "just is" white.

Additionally, how would one "be less white" as a way to shield themselves from accusations of racism? Like does Megyn Kelly think people are all of a sudden less racist in the summer when they have a tan? Does she think she'd be free to say things like "Santa is just white" with impunity if she went full Rachel Dolezal?

It is a whole lot easier to just not say racist things than it is to be less white. And as a bonus, less sun damage.

Bolling and Kelly then got onto the subject of how we are going to stop all of the Trump enablers from getting jobs and publishing books.

"They are threatening people's jobs!" she exclaimed. "They're going to stop corporate America from hiring you."

In one case, Kelly claimed that book publishers were being asked not to support authors who enabled Trump.
"And at the same time unity," she said sarcastically.

"Isn't that kind of the same thing as racism?" Bolling asked. "If you group a whole group of people the same way, that may not be racist — or whatever 'ist'. They are doing the same thing."

"That's the same thing!" Kelly agreed. "They are trying to silence you. Maybe they are just that vindictive."

No, Eric Bolling. Not publishing people who worked for the Trump administration is not at all "the same thing as racism." It's strange that these people are so mad about being called racists despite clearly having absolutely no idea what racism even is. Judging people based on their ideas and their actions is what we are supposed to do. We're not Republicans, so we don't have anything else to go on.

"They are trying to find a way to scare that 71 million into silence," she said. "It's about what you stand for. You know, do you want Joe Biden to reintroduce critical race theory mandatory sessions in your federal agencies. You know, DHS and Treasury and elsewhere, where you're told you just have to sit in the silence of your racism if you're white and just let somebody berate you."

Kelly concluded by lashing out at "woke B.S.": "That's the crazy cancel culture that — again — the established left is pushing is worth fighting against."

Another thing Megyn Kelly could do (aside from making an appointment at L.A. Tan, we guess), if she would like for people to not think she is racist, would be to find out what critical race theory actually is instead of inventing her own definition of it. That would be nice.

Speaking of cancel culture ... via Newsweek:

Kelly was subsequently on the receiving end of a nine-month campaign of attacks from Trump and the right-wing website Breitbart—a period she now tells PBS' Frontline was "scary at times."

"My life was blown up for nine months," said Kelly in the interview for the Frontline documentary America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, clips of which were released Friday. "It was scary at times and Breitbart kept lighting the fire over and over. I had, and have, three really young kids. And the security threats were escalating."
Kelly added: "We were doing everything in our power to convey to them they needed to stop. It was one debate question, Just one debate question. He handled it fine. So get off of it. They couldn't have cared less."

In a clip from the documentary, former Breitbart chairman and ex-Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon said that Breitbart went "right after Megyn Kelly" following the debate. "We're gonna cull her out from the herd and just hit her nonstop," Bannon recalled. "That's when all war broke out."

Oh boy, leftwing cancel culture sure is a hell of a problem. We have really got to get that Steve Bannon under control.

I would like to assure Megyn Kelly and Eric Bolling that the absolute last thing many of us want is unity with them or any other Trump supporters, because of how they are repulsive in every way imaginable. But yeah, there are probably some people who were only marginally political prior to Trump and would very much like to go back to grabbing brunch after spin class with the Megyn Kellys in their lives without it being all awkward. Those are the people that "unity" message is for. Let them have it. No one is actually expecting anything from anyone else. This is America and unity is entirely optional.

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