Mehlman Courts African-Americans

mehlman.gifAccording to recent reports, Republican Party Chair Ken Mehlman is putting in a "long and sustained effort" to seduce black voters. While African-Americans chose Kerry over Bush by a 9-to-1 ratio in the last election, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile says her party's "in the Stone Age when it comes to African-American outreach." In contrast, Mehlman is reaching out everywhere. "It's all about building relationships," he said, perhaps with a sexy growl. But can the flamingly Caucasian Mehlman really get black voters to change teams? One angle he can exploit, advises U.S. News & World Report, is "family values, especially opposition to same-sex marriage."

A Courtship Worth Watching [U.S. News & World Report]

GOP Forms Panel to Draw More Blacks into Tent [LA Times]


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