Members Of Congress Should Be Banned From Air Travel


Two recent incidents show that our nation's proud elected officials all turn into COCKS OF RAGE at the sight of airport personnel. First David Vitter tries tohijack a plane to New Orleans, and then this Representative Pete DeFazio character, a common Democrat from Oregon, gets all shirty when a TSA screener in Portland wants to give him an Advanced Security Inspection with rubber gloves.

DeFazio says he wasn't that mad and didn't do the old, "Do you know who I am? I am that senator who likes to have diaper-sex with hookers," because David Vitter already tried that trick with zero success. Instead he just huffed about how stupid the whole rigamarole was, which, to be fair, well yes. Airport security is a joke. DON'T TELL THE TERRORISTS.

Airport-screening check riles DeFazio [AP]

Airport Turbulence Appears to Be All the Rage [Washington Post]


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