Your Memorial Day Weekend Happy Funtime Post: Duke Cunningham Still Behind Bars


When your Editrix taught political science in the UC system -- Scandal, Politics and the Press, naturally -- she used TalkingPointsMemo as a class text. This was in the heady days of the Duke Cunningham story, first broken by the San Diego Union-Tribune and then ably followed up for months by TPM. Oh, what fun we had with Duke stewing in his nasty boatdeck hot tub, and also drawing awesome diagrams (from memory) featuring all the various skullduggeries of Jack Abramoff and Dusty Foggo! WELL! TPM is still on the case even today, as it lovingly showcases this WAAAAAAH POOR ME letter from the still-incarcerated Cunningham (for those who didn't take our class, he was a Congressman with a special predilection for dirty filthy greasy money, going so far as to have A BRIBE MENU printed up and on-hand) to a judge. What would he like? A gun. Because the UT persecuted him by uncovering his story, the IRS made him poor (by seizing all his Crime Loot), and oh, lots of other stuff too! Let us look on TPM's handiwork in awe and admiration.

First and most importantly, Randy "Duke" Cunningham is a blithering idiot.

Second, he will also like to supliment his food. The End. [TPM]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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