Men's Fashion Mag Ranks Most Insufferable People in DC

condipower.jpgNot that we are particularly interesting in talking about GQ more, but, you know, they sent us their ranked list of the 50 most powerful people in Washington (part of their SPECIAL POLITICS ISSUE), and we just want to get posting about it over with before this actually hits newsstands and 500 people email to ask WHY WE HAVEN'T COVERED IT. It's a surprisingly decent little list! They asked a bunch of people who knew, mostly, what they were talking about, the lame gimmick entries (Reagan! Even though he's dead he's more powerful than Joe Lieberman!) aren't too egregious, and overall nothing is too embarrassingly wrong. Oh, except for their choice of the single most powerful person in Washington.

It's apparently Condoleezza Rice, the steward of the still-rapidly-failing foreign policy of a lame duck administration. You remember her, right? Secretary of State, funny David Letterman teeth, likes to work out? The Soviet Union expert who has no clue what to do about crazy Vlad Putin? You know, the one who no longer commands the respect or attention of any foreign powers whatsoever? Who can't get the New York Times to return her calls? Yeah, she's apparently the most powerful person in this entire city. Happy mid-August Fools' Day, everyone!

The 50 Most Powerful People in DC [GQ]


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