Merry Christmas From George And Laura

Anyone who says there hasn't been growth with President Bush in the White House just isn't looking at the right stats. Sure, the economy sucks -- but there are a lot more Christmas cards getting sent.

The Bushes broke another personal record this year by sending out two million cards, continuing a trend of Christmas card inflation. (The first couple sent out 1.3 million cards in 2003, 1 million in 2002 and 875,000 in 2001. In contrast, the Clintons sent out 400,000 Christmas cards in their last year in the White House.)
Take that, Clintons! And all it took to send all that good cheer was $600,000 in postage!

The Bushes will also pose for pictures with 6,500 guests at 15 different receptions, which is a kind of hell that we wouldn't wish on John Kerry. Though at least if the Kerrys were hosting, Teresa could finish the leftover egg nog.

Alert The Pastry Chefs: 6,500 Guests Are Coming [New York Times]


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