Messianic Democrat to End World's Problems, Zioni$m

jew gold for the massesRandy Crow is not a hero. He's just a simple North Carolinian running for president as a Democrat. Allow us to introduce this wonder whose website we stumbled across -- or rather, allow Randy Crow to introduce himself: "I am the tenth generation or so grandson of Pocahontas through my mother and father."

Randy Crow has thought out the issues, and rather than distract us with Hillary-like flip-floppery and communist pinko inconsistency, he makes his stances clear and succinct:


But the guy isn't all business. He likes to relax like everyone else -- by making horrible anti-Semitic stereotypes:

Some of the activities I enjoy are bicycling, nature, reading, art, and staying active. In my opinion we are living in the evil time described in the Bible Book of Revelations and zioni$t$ and bad guys are trying to rule the world and using wars they manipulate to get people to kill and imprison themselves.

[Randy Crow - Democrat for President]


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