Metro Section: 36% Humidity

  • Linda Cropp debates Adrian Fenty next Monday at 4PM. News Channel 8. [Dcist]

  • Mad DC Cabbie doesn't smoke weed, is naturally high person. [Diary of A Mad DC Cabbie]

  • me (1:37:19 PM): lol sweet
    me (1:37:26 PM): anyone dead yet?
    "VA Tech guy" (1:37:30 PM): 2 [Last Stop Surburbia]

  • Taberna del Alabardero celebrates Flamenco festival with a special menu and Flamenco dancing. [Metrocurean]

  • "Imagine "Chappelle Show" mixed with "Jackass" mixed with "Luke's Peep Show" mixed with "In Living Color" mixed with "The Man Show" mixed with "Dr. Phil". If you actually can envision that conglomeration of randomness, then you can imagine what I'm like when I'm out in public and I know people are watching." [Listen To Leon]

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