Metro Section: A Is For Angry

* "I walked out of my first AA meeting last night. I was restless and disgusted by a few of the people there .... Lately, I've been wondering if I even belong in AA at all." [Journey to Self-Improvement]

* Skip your AA meeting and drop by this local press book party for free food, drinks and single moms. [The Happy Booker]

* "Every morning, I see bicycles run red lights, ride the wrong way down one-way streets, weave in and out of traffic, cut people off .... Are you driving a vehicle or not? Make up your mind." [Night Writer]

* In spite of classy and sweet smelling RFD & Fado, a new bar opens in Gallery Place next month. [Gallery Place Living]

* DC's #1 web novelist SethJ checks in: "'No goin, Smokes.' The hitchhiker had to cut in, and he had to use that hated universal moniker he lavished on all Negroes. "The whole place is heatin' up on us, and the strip is definitely a no-go. We need to go with your guys all the way, or we've got no deal." [American Night]


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