Metro Section: Agape at the Shoes

"Last night was the actual tour and it was one of the highlights of my time here in DC. We got to see the Oval Office, the Rose Garden, the Press Room and everything in between. . . . Quite frankly my mouth was agape the entire time." Wait, is Jeff Gannon back? [Information Leafblower]

"Fenty in '06: Suck it, holes." [DCeiver]

"I thought I was a happy, decent person. I thought I knew what I wanted. But there's no way the whole world can be this unhappy and me be happy. I must be wrong. I must be unhappy with everyone else! Can someone please direct me to drugs?" Saying goodbye to Craigslist. [Craiglist]

WP real estate chat gets to the real issue: Logan Circle construction is going $600 per sq ft. -- "My question may be better posed to Carolyn Hax or Amy Joyce, but who are these buyers? Where do they work? And MOST importantly, who do they date?!" []

Speaking of housing: "Would I rather buy these Chloe heels or pay rent this month?" With the Chloe heels, you might, of course, get someone else to pay your rent this month... [DCist]


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