Metro Section: All of DC "in a Funk."

  • Linda Cropp's TV ads started today -- "Judgement" and "Determined," inspired by 7th Heaven episodes. [Cut DC Taxes]

  • Blackberries seriously damaging to mental health. [The Conservative Futurist ]

  • U r 2 cool 2 b sad. [Carrie Broadshoulders]

  • Masturbation poll: 48 year old man. Q: At your cubicle / in your office? A: Yes, and often. [Craigslist]

  • She can't get any finer. "Perhaps you can provide us with a way to appropriately handle the most obscene thing I have witnessed recently. One of our co-workers showed up today covered in spandex. Yes, a spandex body suit." [WP's Professional Refinement Chat]

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