Metro Section: Almost Apolitical

  • "Wow! Fenty hasn't even taken office yet, and he's already fixed the DC schools, eradicated crime, housed the homeless, and in general, turned DC into a utopia! Because, really, how else would he be able to waste his time with something like this?" [The DC Universe]

  • Latest from DC's #1 web novelist SethJ: "The air becomes thick with manure. The driver loves it." [American Night]

  • Someone found her blog by googling: "I'm wasting my life away". [DC Katastrophe]

  • Six year old writes awesome lyrics: "I am a rockstar, and I pee everywhere with my penis." [Freewheeling Spirit]

  • New family-owned Ethiopian coffee and tea house on H street. No turbos. [Frozen Tropics]

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