Metro Section: Before You Go, Can We Have a Good Kiss Goodnight?

  • "...after I have a particularly satisfying wank, I'm often in such a good mood that I think to myself, 'What the fuck? I'm going to vote to allocate $6 million more dollars to rural farm subsidies! Because I'm WALKING ON SUNSHIIIIIINE, YEAAA-HEAAAH.'" [DCeiver]

  • General points of interest from an ad guy: the 2006 Duke Ellington Jazz Festival begins tomorrow -- and, if you are getting smeared by bloggers don't get involved (talking to you, Max). Hire someone. [Diary of an Ad Man]

  • Buddy, if you get Eastern Motors investigated and those ads taken off the air, we will never forgive you. [Good at Drinking, Bad at Life ]

  • The DC Master Gardeners host first real "Plant Swap." This is a social event to educate D.C. residents about "all things growing." Like the murder rate, hey! [DC Master Gardener]

  • And for more on crime, read this angry comment war about the failure of the DC Crime Bill. [why.i.hate.dc]

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