Metro Section: Best Minds of Our Generation

* "I was up half the night with diarrhea ...." [Mr. T in DC]

* "Wanna go to nude body painting opening in DC this Friday?" [Mid Atlantic and Washington DC Art News ...]

* "Isis' music is dense and complex and last night you could hear every microscopic, subtle sound move each band member made. It was a fascinating level of clarity exposing a new brilliance to Isis' music that otherwise gets lost when they play on lesser sound systems. Occasionally I toss around the phrase 'music nirvana' as the highest state of live music enjoyment. When the outside world drops away leaving the band and the crowd in their own pocket universe of musical experience." [Metroblogging DC]

* "Earlier today I saw a homeless person sleeping underneath a Coke Zero advertisement. That advertisement was what prompted me to try Coke Zero. But perched, as it was, over a starving bum, it was as if Coca-Cola advertising execs were taunting this malnourished hobo, 'Drink Coke Zero, dumbass!'" [Barzelay]

* "With the help of Zack Snyder, Frank's award winning, dark graphic novel 300 has been brought to the screen with enough blood and guts to get any red blooded male with a pulse hard. This movie blew me away and could only be described as 'dick nasty.'" [vksempireofdirt]


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