Metro Section: Best News Ever

* 2 Amy's may become two story, with an adults-only second floor! [metrocurean]

* "It's usually liberals calling for broad mandates and conservatives urging local control. But in this case, it's Democratic Mayor Bill Euille asking for his community to be able to make its own decision, while Republicans in the General Assembly bitterly refuse to give up power and hang on to the statewide ban on smoking bans." [The Green Miles]

* "This is what I love about the bloggers," says Laura Sessions Stepp. [why.i.hate.dc]

* Commander of the Army's Walter Reed Medical Center fired. [A Silent Cacophony]

* "Jesus Christ, even Richard Daley didn't have a police chief who publicly said that she'd defer to him as to whether or not laws were enforced." [The DC Universe]


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