Metro Section: Bloggers On Constant Watch for New Sub-Categories of Douche

* "I am Mary Cheney's fetus" [Craigslist]

* Blogging to peak in the first half of 2007. [circumlocutor]

* We need more troops like you for our War on Christmas: "...they start spilling out of places like Felix and Spy Lounge and Bourbon, stuffed full of mini quiche and well drinks, looking for "The next place to parr-tay, bra!" [Sour N Sweet]

* Metro Police more responsive than DC Police. See? They done something right. [Logan Circle News]

* The Hirshhorn is hiring a Director of Development. If you get the job, tell them to screen some movies or have some parties. Just tell them to stop being the boringest museum ever. [DC Arts Jobs]


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