Metro Section: Bourgeoisie Hell

* "According to Sitemeter, my post 'Is Being Bald That Bad?' is far and away the most popular post I've ever done." [The Underachiever's Progress]

* "Imagine starting your Friday with an invigorating morning bike ride, enjoying free coffee and breakfast while listening to jazz." [Commuter Page Blog]

* "Jim Graham could write a new law every thirty minutes and he still couldn't compensate for the changes in education, the economy and families that encourage self-destruction. One need only look back to the beginnings of the contemporary war on drugs which doubled the number of murders in DC in the 1980s to realize the limits of law enforcement." [Sam Smith's City Desk]

* 17th Street between NH & Mass Avenues could possibly become a pedestrian promenade and rape luge. [the DC Sidewalk blog]

* Cool Whip and cigarettes delivered until 4AM. [The DC Concierge]


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