Metro Section: Competition, Looting and Romance

* Baristas from Murky Coffee and Tryst took 1st and 4th in some sort of Mid-Atlantic/Northeast contest. [DCist]

* You know that valet bike parking we mentioned in To Do? Well, WABA needs volunteers. [WABA]

* "There are two visions for our public schools emerging now in the District -- two camps: One is saying, 'Mayor, Order Those Schools To Be Good!' The other is saying, 'Mayor, It Takes a Village, Not a King.' Though you wouldn't know it by reading the Washington Post, more and more people are joining the second camp and are speaking out against the mayor's proposal to take the public schools from the public." [Sam Smith's City Desk]

* "So don't waste this incredible opportunity, D.C. If Georgetown wins tomorrow, and especially Monday, don't hold back. Flood the streets. Overturn some cars. Light a few fires. Those really nice stores along M Street, with their large windows? Perfect for looting." [The DC Universe]

* Second-date ideas, including Tallula which has a "prix fixe wine and dinner tasting menu. It's five courses of perfect pairings and for only about $75 per person, including tip .... The wine manager comes to the table to introduce the wine before each course and you get a little sheet of paper to jot down notes about the wines. Oh, and they tailor it for beginners, intermediate, and advanced." [The DC Concierge]


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