Metro Section: Cutting Edge Visual Stylings

* Couple things that belong in To Do: The National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Embassy of Spain and the Embassy of Finland host LIVE CINEMATIC DIPLOMACY tonight. "Cutting edge visual stylings of pioneering Finnish live cinema artist Solu, with DJ Samantha Waldram from Barcelona, Spain. Also performing will be VJ Tesia K of Chicago, with DC's First Ladies DJ Collective. Drinks and light fare included, in our majestic Great Hall." $20 at 6PM. [NMWA]

* Acceptance author Susan Coll reads tonight at P&P. She'll remind you why it rules to not be from DC with her "cheerfully pointed satire about the college-admissions process at a suburban Washington, D.C., high school where students and/or their parents have Ivy League aspirations." Coll is guest blogging at The Happy Booker today. [The Happy Booker]

* Good news for those who wake up in strange beds tomorrow morning, the Metro opens an hour earlier, at 6AM. [Frozen Tropics]

* People behind Jaleo, Zaytinya, Cafe Atlantico and Oyamel are hiring someone to oversee their recipe database. [DCFUD]

* The Police to play Baltimore April 5th. [LIFESTYLE OF AN AMERICAN ROCK AND ROLL BAND]


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