Metro Section: Death in Adamsmorgansterdam


  • Lost cemetery underneath that Adams Morgan park (the one with dog run just before Duke Ellington Bridge) "just as important as the high-profile New York African Burial Ground Project." If you don't know about this cemetery, it was shut down in 1870, human remains surfaced last year, and it's fascinating. [Goodspeed Update]

  • 1774 Willard St. NW: "The vacant, three-story bricker has over the years hosted an illegal cable connection, an apparently drugged woman who liked to randomly scream at things, and frequent male visitations that some believed to be evidence of prostitution. One neighbor reports that he recently saw a man and a woman huddled in the dark under the house's back porch, but a recent visit turned up only a broken back door, beer bottles, and a pile of human-looking feces." [Washington City Paper City Desk]

  • First the Cakelove dude opens a shop in Silver Spring. Now he's making energy bars. "'I like to picture myself as the food item,' he said." [DCist]

  • The makers of Couch Bike and Hula Bike bring you Treadmill bike. $2500.00 Canadian. [Read Express]

  • The President attends church here in DC to connect with, greatly inconvenience regular folk. [Read Express]

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