Metro Section: Eat the Rich

You know what Washington needs? Another magazine about rich people. [FishbowlDC]

An easy way to distinguish those who might read such a magazine: "Wearing Your Collar Down is for Poor People." [chrisabraham]

Cleveland Park Men's Club: "#5. Buy the Lady a Drink." All the way at number five, eh? No wonder they seem so horny. [CPMC]

EvacGate continues: "I'm just a simple unfrozen caveman lawyer; your 'modern flying machines' make no sense to me. But it would seem to make more sense to let our already-evacuated buildings take the (tiny) brunt of a kamikaze Cessna pilot, rather than blowing the plane out of the sky and letting it land, at random, on some unevacuated buildings/houses/streets. " [W.I.H.D.C.]


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