Metro Section: Few More Reasons to Leave Washington

* Who hasn't wondered what goes on inside the elusive McFadden's? An outsider tells the grim tale: "Again, bumping and grinding on a bar is a personal choice, and I do not begrudge these women the opportunity to do whatever makes them happy. Just because it's not for me, doesn't mean it's wrong or bad." [hey pretty]

* Can't find the single men in Washington? Try Chipotle or New York. [Good at Drinking, Bad at Life]

* Baltimore residents get $2,000 for buying a home near their place of employment. [urban trekker]

* Local blogger happy hour tomorrow night at The Front Page. Don't go unless you are prepared to discuss the confusing, Wheel of Fortune-esque Best DC Blog. [ArJewTino]

* Farmer's market possibly coming to R Street between 1st and Florida. [In Shaw]


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