Metro Section: Food, Money and 90s Celebrities

* Free Starbucks tomorrow. [DCFUD]

* At $50,000 a year, GW is the nation's most expensive college. Nine local kids will now attend for free. [Read Express]

* RE: DC housing market: "For those of us with decent credit, watching all the posers getting foreclosed is like watching cheap porn in the middle of the night." [TC The Terrible]

* Review of the closing of the DC Independent Film Festival and not meeting Kiefer Sutherland, "there was the adult man chanting 'kiefer! kiefer!' during the film festival award proceedings, impatient to skip right past the awards and movie and see kiefer." [Life Off Balance]

* Baked and Wired has best cupcakes in town, according to WP and CakeLove serves some of their cupcakes at room temp now. [Eat Foo]


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