Knowing what the Redskins had invested in their white-on-white unis, why did the Eagles elect to take the field in their away greens? Washingtonian breaks down the superstitions. We say the Skins'll keep on winning as long as Clinton Portis continues his multi-act hip-hop Fellini routine. [Washingtonian]

DC Council breaks Christopher Hitchens heart, passes smoking ban. A victory for wellness or creepy nanny-state dogma? Only time will tell. Still, we recommend that pro-ban advocates don't take their bragging to The Raven, unless they like getting beaten on. [WTOP]

Hey, Maryland! Let's see that ass! [Washington Post]

Former Mayor Marion Barry is in a forgiving mood to those who robbed him, announcing himself as a "friend of the down-trodden, the underworld, the hustlers", and promising that he will not seek to prosecute the thugs that had a gun pointed at his dome. In other words, Washington: Ding! You are now free to rob Marion Barry at gunpoint! [DCist]


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