Metro Section: Functionally Alliterative

* Metro's new general manager, John Catoe: "One thing that's amazed me on my commute is the etiquette practiced by the customers during boarding. Everyone is very good about waiting for the train to unload before boarding. It is great to have that cooperation and it helps us keep the trains moving on time." [Read Express]

* 1/3rd of DC is functionally illiterate. [Metroblogging DC]

* Sam Smith: "DCist, a website that provides Washington's gentrifying class with superfluous aren't-we-clever self-affirmation, dumped on a recent Washington Post article about gentrification in the city." [City Desk]

* Little India in Woodley Park is not recommended, may have vermin infestation. [Rock Creek Rambler]

* Happy Bong Hits 4 Jesus Day, Kenneth Starr! [Big Sky Girl]


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