Metro Section: Gazing at the Same Desert Wasteland

  • Nostradamus: "You're fucked." Apocalypse should look more or less like this. [Introvert]

  • "I think the people who work on electronic voting are the same people who have MySpace pages with navy text on a black and purple plaid background with hot pink javascript skull and crossbones raining down and rainbow trails following the mouse pointer." [blah, blah black sheep]

  • Women be shopping: "For the Ladies: Five Reasons To Watch the World Series Tonight... I hope this help and who knows, maybe if you're nice he'll flip back to Veronika Mars or Nip/Tuck during commercials :)" [Circle V]

  • Boys will be boys: "If I got a girl pregnant right now, and she insisted on keeping it, I'd skip out of the country without hesitation... I'll be a father when I'm ready, not because a reformed whore is bored with her life." [DC Bachelor]

  • More from DC's #1 web novelist SethJ: "Death and loss are all around them. They've been there from the beginning. The only difference now is that one of them fights, resists, these unavoidable tropes while the other lives in them, and makes them his home. Whichever one is a better survival strategy remains to be seen. Both men are here, gazing at the same desert wasteland and soaking in the same chill of night." [American Night]

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